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Lovely book, tells the history of typography like a storybook, quite accurate, much fun trivia and includes info about stuff like why comic sans became so popular. Even made me stop disliking comic sans 😀

Here is the author’s site:


This typography project was about choosing a typeface and building a system through it.  I chose Adobe Caslon Pro(You know what they say; When in doubt, use Caslon). We were suppose to use open type features, make changes on color or size to make the overall design dynamic but not boring. But we had to avoid overload as well.

Here is the booklet I designed for the subject of key events in the history of computing. Originally derived from the subject of a course I had taken in the Spring term of 2007-2008, Murat Germen‘s VA 210, introduction to multimedia. Here are some of the sample pages from the booklet (click on them to view larger) and you could download the whole PDF from here. Link to my personal blog is here

for the advanced typography class i prepared a cook book in which we learn to use a font system in the right order.
here are some spreades from the booklet: