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Lovely book, tells the history of typography like a storybook, quite accurate, much fun trivia and includes info about stuff like why comic sans became so popular. Even made me stop disliking comic sans 😀

Here is the author’s site:




The program Typeface uses a camera which translates facial dimensions into generative type design.

“In TYPEFACE, letters are constructed from mathematically generated curves controlled by distinct variables that determine such parameters as x-height, slant, bowl curvature, and pen stroke. This design approach allows for a more natural, handwriting-like rendering. Not only does this contrast with the geometric qualities generative type experiments tend to take, but also challenges the conventions of typing versus writing. Since the type generation runs live, typing a note in the software accumulates a range of natural variation.

TYPEFACE was built in Processing using the OPENCV library for face recognition and blob detection. Individual typefaces can be saved and exported by pdf.

This is a project by Mary Huang. It was initiated during the Computational Design course at CIID.”